Resident in Winston Salem, NC

There was a residential oil drum that I needed to have removed and hauled off. I was impressed with the work that Bob's did.

Resident in Winston-Salem, NC

I needed my double wide mobile home removed and demolished. It had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a kitchen. Bob's did a great job. They tore it down and hauled it away.

Review by Lisa M.
in Stanley, NC

I needed an old house built in the early 1900's demolished. It had major termite and mold damage. Bob's Backhoe and Demolition did a good job, and I had no problems with their work. They got the job done on time and cleaned the jobsite very well.Type your paragraph here.

Don V
in Salisbury, NC

I am the pastor of Destiny City Church. The building to be demolished/removed is the old fellowship hall attached to the main structure of the Old Foursquare Church in Ridge Ave. Bob's did a great job in the demolition of the building. They also hauled away all the debris.graph here.

Bob's Backhoe & Bobcat Reviews

Review by Travis M.
in Charlotte, NC

We needed to remove walls, ceiling and concrete in a 5,000 square foot metal building. Bob's Backhoe and Demolition did a great job on this project and they did it relatively quickly. They explained everything to me beforehand.Type your paragraph here.

Review by Tracy B.
in Mount Holly, NC

Fire destroyed our double-wide home, so it had to come down. I can say nothing but good things about Bob's Backhoe and Demolition. He said what he was going to do, he came out there and did it, I paid him and it was all finished. He was very professional, we met on-site and went over what was going to be done, and I told him what I expected and he told me what was going to happen.Type your paragraph here.

Review by Kim N.

in Kannapolis, NC

I had a 1 story wood frame house that needed to be demolished. I had it done by Bob's and they did well. They were efficient and friendly.